[Wiki] Model 3 / Model Y - Motoren / Drive Units

Motor Update


  • Introduction of two new Drive Unit Cat 4 motors in an update to the EC-TC of the Model Y RWD with CATL 6L pack out of Grünheide.
  • 4D3A is set to replace the less efficient 4D1C and also the 4D5, which was never released.
  • 4D3B is declared as another new rear motor, but all specs suggest it being a new front motor replacing the old 3D3 motor, which was released back in 2017.
  • The Rotor Inertia Mass also changed from 4D1C to 4D3A with a reduction of 4%. So it looks like there were more changes „under the hood“ than just the inverter. Maybe a lighter Rotor.

Maximum Power and Torque vs Speed

…According to the certification documents

DU CAT 3 → 3D7B → Results

DU CAT 4 → 4D3A → Results

WLTP Test Results 20" Induction Wheels:

WLTP Test Results 19" Gemini Wheels:

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