Green charging app: feedback asked!

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Green charging app: feedback asked!

von Otto Barten » 3. Sep 2019, 08:03

Hallo Teslafahrer!

Since my German is not great, I'm posting this in English. I hope that's ok with everyone.

My friend and I have just started to create a free smart and green Tesla charging app. Our backgrounds are in wind turbine engineering and web/app development, we live in The Netherlands. As you know, electricity can be completely green when there's enough wind and sun. Unfortunately it can also be very ungreen when there is none. So the sustainability depends a lot on the time when you're charging.

To us, it doesn't make sense to charge a Tesla on coal, if you can also charge it on green power by simply changing the time when it's charging. Therefore, we're developing an app which:

- Will ask you when you want your battery to be full
- Find the time slots when the energy is most green
- Charge your Tesla at these times and keep you updated on how green your energy is

We're also considering adding the feature to charge preferably when your solar panels deliver power, which should decrease the electricity bill for Tesla drivers in Germany.

The app will work independently of any electricity company. Although we believe that this is a good idea, our app can probably become a lot better with your feedback! So our question is, would you as Tesla experts be willing to give us feedback on the idea?

At the end of the survey, you can leave your email and if you want, you can become one of the first users of the app!

Thanks a lot! ... 8ClnI1EnGw
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Re: Green charging app: feedback asked!

von KevinW » 3. Sep 2019, 08:55

Hello Otto,

that is a great idea. We are already doing solar charging. For charging without solar, but with green energy, you can hit the api from$plz to check the quality per location in Germany.
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