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Re: Nützliche Apps für Smartphones

von Eberhard » 22. Jan 2013, 14:06

habe für meine spanienreise auf chargrmap vertraut, haben auch einen communityansatz



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Re: Nützliche Apps für Smartphones

von Volker.Berlin » 22. Jan 2013, 18:25

Update zu Open Charge Map:
Volker.Berlin hat geschrieben:Can you please tell me if you are still actively developing/supporting the "Open Charge Map" app?

Christopher from Open Charge Map hat geschrieben:Yes, the Open Charge Map app is under active development although the mobile app hasn't been updated very recently the data it uses is updated on a daily basis.

Volker.Berlin hat geschrieben:What's the key difference between the "web app" at http://openchargemap.org/app and the native Android app? Would you recommend one over the other?

Christopher from Open Charge Map hat geschrieben:They are almost identical (in fact they are the same app) however the 'web app' can have slightly more current features and allows editors to Sign In to make changes (which isn't currently supported in the app), you can also (sort-of) use the Android app offline - if you have previously completed a search it will remember the last set of results.
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