Gigafactory 2 (Buffalo) startet Produktion

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Re: Gigafactory 2 (Buffalo) startet Produktion

von volker » 4. Apr 2018, 21:49

Vielleicht weil das gleiche Panel in Nevada 2x so viel Ertrag bringt wie in Buffalo?

Gigafactory 1 liegt auf 39°32' Nördliche Breite, GF2 liegt auf 42°51N - also mehr als 3,3 Grad = 370km weiter nördlich
Nevada ist Wüste mit > 300 Sonnentagen, Buffalo hat ein niederschlagsreiches Klima.
Autos und Häuser brauchen keinen Auspuff.
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Re: Gigafactory 2 (Buffalo) startet Produktion

von Harme » 5. Apr 2018, 06:58

Außerdem hat die GF 1 mehr Prestige. Ist doch klar das sie erstmal da was aufs Dach packen wo es mehr bringt und wo die Leute es auch erwarten (eventuell auch Regeln von der Ausschreibung vorschreiben?)
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Re: Gigafactory 2 (Buffalo) startet Produktion

von Bones » 28. Mai 2018, 12:51

Tesla says solar roof production in Buffalo should 'accelerate significantly' this year

"Our solar roof facility in Buffalo continued to ramp in Q1," CEO Elon Musk and CFO Deepak Ahuja said in a shareholder letter. "We are working to enhance the product design and manufacturing process in order to improve the customer experience while reducing manufacturing cost and achieving high levels of quality.

They added: "Production of solar roofs should accelerate significantly in the second half of this year."
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Re: Gigafactory 2 (Buffalo) startet Produktion

von Bones » 8. Aug 2018, 13:55

Tesla Inc’s (TSLA.O) production of solar roof tiles has been delayed by assembly-line problems at its new publicly subsidized factory and difficulties producing a product that satisfies the aesthetic demands of CEO Elon Musk, eight former and current employees of both companies told Reuters.

Repeated hold-ups since the Buffalo, New York plant opened last year have forced Tesla’s partner in the joint venture, Panasonic (6752.T), to seek other buyers for the components it had built to sell to Tesla, according to a Panasonic employee, a former Panasonic employee and a former Tesla employee. The issues have also rattled the faith of state officials in Tesla’s ability to deliver on investment and employment promises it made in exchange for $750 million in state subsidies.

Tesla confirmed in a statement to Reuters that it has been seeking to improve on its production process for the solar roof at the New York plant.

“We are steadily ramping up Solar Roof production in Buffalo and are also continuing to iterate on the product design and production process,” the company said in the statement. “We plan to ramp production more toward the end of 2018.”
Panasonic has been selling some of the solar panels it produces in Buffalo under its own brand instead of selling them to Tesla, Panasonic said in a statement.

Panasonic recently produced about 1,900 conventional 325-watt solar panels per day at the plant, meant to be sold under the Tesla brand, and about 2,000 5.5-watt photovoltaic cells per day that were intended for the solar roof, according to two Panasonic sources, one who recently left the company.

That would put annualized production at about a quarter of Tesla’s target for the plant, which is 1 gigawatt per year by 2019. And Tesla isn’t buying most of the cells being produced, according to the Panasonic employee.
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Re: Gigafactory 2 (Buffalo) startet Produktion

von Hendrik » 8. Aug 2018, 17:23

Das Zitat ist auch treffend. Man darf den Aussagen von Musk nicht trauen:
In a call with Tesla investors last week, Musk said “hundreds” of homes already had solar roofs, but the company clarified the estimate in its statement to Reuters, saying it included systems that had been partially installed or were “being scheduled for install."
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Re: Gigafactory 2 (Buffalo) startet Produktion

von CityEL » 11. Aug 2018, 16:16

Hier steht was von 11 solar roof Installationen: ... ile-fraud/
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Re: Gigafactory 2 (Buffalo) startet Produktion

von Teslanaut » 11. Aug 2018, 23:53

CityEL hat geschrieben:Hier steht was von 11 solar roof Installationen: ... ile-fraud/

Puh, ganz schön ernüchternd!
Ich kann den Wahrheitsgehalt nicht beurteilen, aber es klingt logisch und nicht nach bashing.
Wenn es stimmt, wird es schon bald ein bitteres Erwachen geben.
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Re: Gigafactory 2 (Buffalo) startet Produktion

von Bones » 17. Nov 2018, 18:26

Teslarati berichtet über die GF2 : Tesla Gigafactory 2

Tesla recently invited local news outlets on a guided tour of Gigafactory 2. The tour was the first time reporters were given access to the 1.2-million sq ft facility, and while the media were not allowed to film anything inside the factory itself, Tesla did provide a number of updates about Gigafactory 2 and the Solar Roof tiles. First off, Tesla noted that there are currently around 800 employees (comprised of Tesla and Panasonic workers) working on the site. This number is ahead of the facility’s targets, which require 500 workers to be employed on the site by April 2019. Gigafactory 2 is also running 24/7, with workers alternating 12-hour shifts.

Hier auch via cleantechnica: a look inside GF 2

Video aus der GF2
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