Interview with Tesla users in Berlin

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Re: Interview with Tesla users in Berlin

von Mathie » 22. Sep 2015, 15:05

hpandzic hat geschrieben:The EV infrastructure in Croatia is very important. Image all of you guys coming to Adriatic sea in late July. What kind of infrastructure do you expect and need? And what happens during the rest of the year with this infrastructure, because it will not be utilized properly? Furthermore, how could the proper EV infrastructure influence the tourism in Croatia, as there are many tourists from Central Europe coming here by cars?


I don't know, whether you already have contacted Tesla drivers in Croatia. The user Jackero in this forum is a Tesla owner from Zagreb, so maybe you would like to contact him via PM, if you are also looking for EV enthusiasts from Croatia.

While tourists will come to the Adriatic in summer, Croatian drivers will be around all year and I assume, that they will outnumber tourists in most part of Croatia easily.

And please keep us posted on the get together in Berlin. I'd be interested to participate, if my schedule permits.

Best Mathie
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Re: Interview with Tesla users in Berlin

von Volker.Berlin » 22. Sep 2015, 15:12

Hrvoje, thank you very much for the additional insight on your take on BSS. Very helpful. I'd be glad to participate if the scheduling works out.
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Re: Interview with Tesla users in Berlin

von segwayi2 » 22. Sep 2015, 15:39

hpandzic hat geschrieben:Well, this is all at the research stage. The problem with fast charging is battery degradation, at least with the current battery technology. In my vision (this might be more on the scientific side), current gas stations would be replaced by stations that can change your battery or charge your battery really quickly. I understand that you guys are all EV enthusiasts, and that's why I'm interested to talk to you first hand.

Be carefull you dont start with wrong premise. So far i see and what i have read, fast charging is not affecting (or so few its not noticable) the degradation. Tesla is saying same.
In addition our experience with a lot of 100000km drivers is showing same.

So when there is the possibility that even with current battery technology there is no degradation with fast charging, you should at least verify your assumtion.
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