100 Tesla Model S on the road to Berlin 14-15.6.2015

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100 Tesla Model S on the road to Berlin 14-15.6.2015

von Talkredius » 23. Mai 2015, 11:52

Berlin, June 14 to 15, 2015

It's party time in Berlin! The electric wave steamrolls the city!!


On June 15 and 16 (featuring Angela Merkel and Alexander Dobrindt as special guests on June 15), a conference will take place that unfortunately is very much influenced by the VDA (the German Association of the Automotive Industry). The German government envisages 1,000,000 electric cars driving on German streets by 2020. As is generally known, the German car companies believe the government's goal to be phantasmal. They also believe that electric cars are not fit for long-distance trips.

Now we know that this is nonsense.

WAVE, the electric car rally, has come to town. The original plan was that about 50 cars would accompany the VDA conference. But this plan has been cancelled – the VDA probably didn't approve of the number of Tesla cars amongst the parade... This is why the WAVE will now start from the premises of the Reichstag at 9:45am on Monday, June 15, to start its grand tour to Switzerland.

If 10 Tesla symbolise too much progress for the VDA, I say we show them what we are made of.

An international rally with Model S (or Roadster) from all over the place is coming to Berlin.

And this is the plan:

Sunday, June 14

    From 6pm: The participants meet at Tesla Service-Centre in Berlin Schoenefeld. Charging stations will be available.
    From 7pm: BBQ in hopefully fine weather at the Tesla premises, Tesla Germany's treat – thank you very much for that!
    Accommodation for the night at Hotel Meininger, which is within walking distance from Tesla Centre.

Monday, June 15

    8am: The participants meet for breakfast at Tesla Service-Centre to discuss the day's activities and to receive the information packages.
    9am: Departure from Tesla Service-Centre for the WAVE start at the Reichstag. Interviews with the press, motorcade, Q&A with all participants. TESLA car show on the premises of the Reichstag.
    12noon: City tour around Berlin Mitte, you will find the route in your information package.
    2.30pm: The motorcade arrives at the conference venue (Berlin Congress Centre, bcc); if possible, we will talk with Chancellor Merkel to provide ideas and suggestions.
    4pm: The motorcade returns to Tesla Service-Centre Berlin Schoenefeld.
    5.30pm: BBQ at Tesla Service-Centre; ideally together with media representatives and politicians, as well as lobbyists. Open end.

If you want to join the event please register via Facebook or Email

Facebook :you will find it at “Tesla in Motion”
Email to: tesla-model-s@ist-einmalig.de

Please provide all necessary information about your stay :

Name, email, mobile phone number
Shall we make a hotel room reservation for you, Su/Mo, Mo/Tu ?
Which kind of room, double or single ?

Twitter hash tag : #100tms
Glympse group : !100tms http://glympse.com/!100tms

Please note: this is a preliminary version of the plan and events and the details can be subject to change. There is a chance that either some or all of the WAVE participants will join a Tesla dinner on Sunday in Schoenefeld. I am currently discussing this with WAVE organiser Louis Palmer.

The challenge is as follows: To get 100 cars to Berlin!!! This requires organisation.

There are three contact persons for the event:

Region North, including Scandinavia: Martin Wrobel, “Pirate” on http://www.tff-forum.de
Region West, including England, Benelux, and France: Roland Schüren, “EcoCarer” on http://www.tff-forum.de (Option: Driving together to Berlin in Group on Sunday? Ask for information!)
Region South, including Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia etc.: Michael Willberg “Ultrasone” on http://www.tff-forum.de (Option: Driving together to Berlin in Group on Sunday? Ask for information!)

Please contact us and please join the event on Facebook, where you will find it at “Tesla in Motion”. Or send an Email to: tesla-model-s@ist-einmalig.de

Please spread the word to friends and family who drive Tesla and please advertise the event on other forums as well.

“Tesla in Motion” will serve as our registration hub for all participants, including all international participants, so that we get an idea of how many of you will take part.

Tesla is happy to support this event in terms of location, catering, charging stations and press contacts.

Let us get together for the biggest Model S convention and rally in European history and show everyone that electric mobility is not absurd!!!

We, Martin, Roland and I – Michael – look forward to seeing you all with your Model S or Tesla Roadster![/quote]
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