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von Naheris » 9. Dez 2014, 11:35

volker hat geschrieben:Moderator Note: Please stop the discussion on educational measures on German Autobahn. This will go nowhere. Violators will be moved to our toxic dump.


On-topic I think that the Tesla S still has too low battery capacity to really be a contender on the Autobahn for more then a few miles/kilometers. With an increasing battery capacity both the distance an - more importantly - charging speed will increase allowing it to be more competitive with faster speeds. In my opinion the Model S will only be a real and serious (and superior) alternative to German "fast drivers" once it hits a one-way range of 400 km and a fast-charge speed of ~250-300km in 30 minutes at really high speeds (~200).

The same will be true for a smaller Tesla as well, since it's not only BMW 5er or Audi A6 going fast. It's actually smaller cars that make up the majority of the fast driving, since those are used by travelling businesspeople in their BMW 3 series, A4s, VW Passat and to some lesser extent Opel (Vauxhall/GM) Insignia and Ford Mondeo (Fusion in the USA) - or their compact brothers and sisters like the BMW 1 series, A3, VW Gold, Opel Astra and Ford Fiesta.
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