Victor's Residenz Hotel in Saarbrücken

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Victor's Residenz Hotel in Saarbrücken

von dpeilow » 3. Nov 2017, 16:13


It appears that the Roadster HPC in Saarbrücken has been replaced by a Model S/X destination charger.

Saarbruecken 1.jpg

Saarbruecken 2.jpg

Does anyone know if the Roadster one still exists? Have they moved it to a different part of the hotel?

If it has gone, why could they not let people swap the red plug as necessary? Also, if it has gone, I would like to know whether Tesla was aware of this.

Saarbrücken is a key site to get to south west Germany and Switzerland for us and I only found this as I was planning a trip. It seems that bit by bit the Roadsters are being restricted on where they can easily go.

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