Who´s P85+ is blocking the stalls in Munich?

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Who´s P85+ is blocking the stalls in Munich?

von trayloader » 27. Mär 2017, 21:18

Dear Tesla drivers,

we would love to be able to charge in Munich in our area, but someones P85+ is repeatedly left over 2 days blocking the stall after charging @ Nordendstrasse.
It´s a rare right hand drive MC Red P85+.
Someone´s in love with driving his Tesla in Germany.

PM please for infos about this wonderful mensch.
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Amazing how when things get a little dark around TSLA, certain people appear but then disappear when things are brighter. Just like roaches.
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Re: Who´s P85+ is blocking the stalls in Munich?

von tornado7 » 27. Mär 2017, 21:34

If that person is doing that in repeated fashion, why not inform Stadtwerke München so that the car can be towed?
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