Australier testen Model S Langstreckentauglichkeit in den US

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Australier testen Model S Langstreckentauglichkeit in den US

von e-motion » 4. Dez 2014, 17:38

Australische Journalisten testen die Langstreckentauglichkeit des Model S in den USA

Tesla Model S road trip – can an electric car do long-distance driving?

Our final stretch of freeway towards the City of Angels got us thinking about how the Model S had stacked up as a long-distance driver.

There’s no denying it is comfortable enough, and in the end we didn’t actually want to get to LA – it would have been just fine with us if we’d had the chance to go explore some of the other states where Superchargers are well spread.

This is the first vehicle that has really proved that an electric car is capable of swallowing highway miles with ease … provided there’s suitable charging infrastructure along the route.
When we arrived in to LA, we had just enough time to go and check out Hollywood and Beverly Hills before returning the Tesla to its rightful owners – with, you guessed it, just a few kilometres of range remaining.
Total distance covered: 2042km.

As we found in our full US review of the Tesla Model S, it is a very good car. That opinion was never going to change as part of this trip.

What has changed, however, are our thoughts on whether it is possible to do a long-distance road trip in an electric car. At first we thought it would be painful and at times during the drive we thought it may not make it to the next Supercharger.

But in truth, the answer is a resounding yes – but with an obvious caveat: infrastructure.

We didn’t just go from point A (Seattle) to point B (Los Angeles). We ran around each of the cities we visited, and we admit that’s partly why we topped up more than we thought we would – and why our grand total of kilometres covered was so high (see below). But the aim of trip wasn’t to see if we could make it run out of battery – we’ll leave that to Top Gear – but to see what it was like to live with in an environment that has the right infrastructure already in place.

Viel Text und Foto, und auch ein kurzes Video
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