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von cer » 25. Apr 2019, 17:11

teslarati hat geschrieben:What is rather interesting from the findings of the Cornell researchers is that the 3D data generated from vehicles’ stereoscopic cameras were found to be nearly as precise as what laser scanners can generate. The data proved to be without distortion, and it was generated at a fraction of the cost had LiDAR been used. The researchers’ findings and model are still open for a lot of improvement, but the study does show that full self-driving without LiDAR is very much possible.

A stronger stance against LiDAR was also related recently by LiDAR pioneer Anthony Levandowski, founder and CEO of, a self-driving startup that uses a non-LiDAR approach. Prior to serving as Pronto’s CEO, Levandowski was heavily involved in the development of Waymo’s full self-driving solutions. He later oversaw Uber’s autonomous driving program after his startup, Otto, was acquired by the ride-hailing juggernaut in 2016. During a recent discussion with TechCrunch, the autonomous driving pioneer, who is being accused by Waymo of breaching his confidentiality agreement with the company, described why he opted out of using LiDAR for’s full self-driving solutions.

“I don’t have any restrictions on not doing LiDAR, but I do have restrictions personally of not doing things that I know are not gonna work. So, in the past, I understood, I could see what we were doing, and basically, back in 2009 or 2010, you could see that the LiDARs didn’t have the performance that you needed because you couldn’t see far enough to actually, safely, have the system react to software. It turns out that even with LiDAR, what’s missing today is not seeing more accurately or further; what’s missing is understanding what is happening to those vehicles around you and being able to predict what the motion is,” he said.

Anthony Levandowski and Elon Musk have not really seen eye to eye in the past, with the Tesla CEO criticizing the LiDAR pioneer for his stance on AI. Levandowski, for his part, reportedly insulted Musk in tweets to Travis Kalanick, Uber’s co-founder, at one point even suggesting that they start giving “physics lessons about stupid s**t Elon says.” The self-driving pioneer nevertheless proved humbled in his recent segment, stating that “a wiser person than me – and I’ll eat some humble pie here – said that LiDAR is a crutch.” When prompted by the host if he agrees with Elon Musk’s stance on autonomous driving, Levandowski admitted that “he’s right.”
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von moff » 28. Apr 2019, 02:14

Keine bahnbrechende News (und noch dazu mehr oder minder ein Cross-Post aus dem "Autonomy Investor Day"-Thread), aber "greentheonly" hat ein neues Video hochgeladen mit Visualisierungen, was die 2.5er Hardware so sieht:

Kleiner Artikel dazu: ... ire-truck/

Direktlink zum Video:
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von pjw » 7. Mai 2019, 22:20


Gefunden bei

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