US Energielobby gegen Solarstrom

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US Energielobby gegen Solarstrom

von HJF » 10. Jul 2017, 16:36

In den USA ist die Utility Industry erfolgreich in der Behinderung von Solarstrom. Die Einspeisevergütung (net metering) wurde teilweise wieder rückgängig gemacht. Das hat natürlich auch Auswirkungen auf den Verkauf vom Solar Roof.
Die Argumentation ist haarsträubend!

A number of factors are driving the reversal, from saturation in markets like California to financial woes at several top solar panel makers.

But the decline has also coincided with a concerted and well-funded lobbying campaign by traditional utilities, which have been working in state capitals across the country to reverse incentives for homeowners to install solar panels.

Utilities argue that rules allowing private solar customers to sell excess power back to the grid at the retail price — a practice known as net metering — can be unfair to homeowners who do not want or cannot afford their own solar installations.

Their effort has met with considerable success, dimming the prospects for renewable energy across the United States.
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