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Elektrische Fähren

von Bones » 24. Aug 2017, 13:48

Elektrische Fähren via electrek.co (englisch)

The HH Ferries Group’s two ferries, the Tycho Brahe and the Aurora, operate a 4-km (2.5 miles) ferry route between Helsingborg (Denmark) and Helsingör (Sweden). Therefore, the route that they are converting to all-electric transport is not exactly impressive, but the actual ships themselves are something.

They are 238 meters long (780 ft) and weight 8,414 tonnes. They carry 7.4 million passengers and 1.9 million vehicles annually.

Das nenne ich mal ne Hausnummer. Die Fotos der Einheiten im Inneren zeigen die Dimensionen.

ABB already started installing the more than 4 MWh of battery packs inside each ship:

“640 batteries of 6.5 kWh are installed on top of each ferry along with two deckhouses for transformers, converters and cooling of the batteries. Cables run from the deckhouses to connecting points at each end of the ship, so that the batteries can be quick-charged – to provide the power of 70 electric cars.”
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