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Model Y - LFP Comparison - CATL vs. BYD

Tesla internal data sheet - BYD :+1:

Battery CATL 6L BYD 7C
Internal Code E14 E18
Battery Energy [kWh] 60,0 60,1
Nominal Capacity [Ah] 173,0 177,6
Capacity (2h rate) [A] 81 84
Nominal Voltage [V] 345 338,1
Number of cells [n] 108 105
Battery Mass [kg] 476 495
Battery 30 minute power [kW] 115 115
Maximum hourly output [kW] 44 60
End of discharge Voltage [V] 216 210
Working Voltage [V] 410 400
Duration of complete charge [h] 8,0 8,0
  • The BYD 7C is the (slightly) larger battery pack according to Tesla!

BMS / Scan My Tesla Data - CATL :+1:

CATL 6L (M3) / BYD 7C (MY)

Degradation - CATL :+1:

  • Visible Degradation of the CATL 6L is significantly delayed due to 2kWh of unusable top buffer.
  • Both packs show degradation mainly by calendar aging.
    Losses from charge cycles or DC charging doesn’t seem to be a big factor.
  • On top the BYD 7C has higher capacity loss / range loss over time.

Discharge Power - CATL :+1:

  • Tesla allows for 700A peak current drawn from the pack.
  • The BYD has a higher voltage drop (sag) under load resulting in about 15kW less peak power in a 0-100kph run.
  • The BYD is currently always delivered with a performance motor (3D6/4D1) were the CATL is always delivered with a base motor (3D7).
  • Since the battery is the limiting factor, there is no advantage for the BYD’s performance motor. At least not in normal speeds up to 130kph.
  • Motor side note: 3D6 (BYD) and 3D7 (CATL) are equally efficient,
    but the 4D1 (BYD) is up to 4% less efficient.

DC Carge Curve - BYD :+1:

  • The BYD blade has a more effective battery heating system and is able to charge with peak power at lower cell temperature. It is therefore the better choice for people who frequently use DC fast chargers in their close vicinity.
  • The BYD is able to keep peak power over a wide SOC band (charge plateau). Any charge stop with the BYD can be up to five minutes shorter. It is therefore the better choice for people who frequently need to use DC fast charging on longer travels.

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