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What 0-60 in the new Roadster sounds like

Hello everyone,
Hell, my L3MR is quicker than any car anybody in my family has ever owned. I took my wife for her first ride in it last night and told her to brace for the acceleration then floored it.

She said she was impressed and I replied „I know what you’re thinking: that was disappointingly slow. That’s because I had it in what’s called ‚Chill Mode.‘ Now, I’m going to put it in standard acceleration mode …“

When you’re used to econoboxes lucky to go 0-60 under 10s then a 5.6s car is amazing.

Ist das normal im Forum?

Letztens wurde doch auch von einem User der eigene deutsche Beitrag, auf Englisch wiedergegeben.
Das hier ist von reddit.

Vielen Dank für den Hinweis. Ich habe den User gesperrt.