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Tesla xmas or the long waiting

Have ordered my christmas gift at tesla. Payed 100 bucks in advance. Not achieved nything yet. Have to drive on my old opel. Not the badest thing but all my hope has gone. Your xmas Story is? Please do tell one tihat leaves me happy

Ordered on 16th october 2020. Expected delivery was stated to november. Invoice said 18th december. Got scheduled to 24th. Ship was stuck 3 days without moving on the sea. Got rescheduled to 28.12.2020. It’s gonna snow so i will have to change the wheels on the parking lot because tesla will only mount their winter wheels.

Hope you are happy now.

Just let them also enjoy some spare time with their family.

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Oh no, unbelieveable. Best wishes for 28th!!!

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Hi, I‘ve moved your thread to the English section.

When did you order your M3?

Cheers Mathie

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Thank you Mathie. I ve ordered early in Nov. Have been told, should work for xmas

Wow, I know of M3 LR orders in early December, that are scheduled for delivery next week!

Which model did you order and did you get any feedback on your order?

3lr. 23rd was promised

By whom? Was it just a date on the invoice or an individual appointment with date and time?

For final pickup

How did you receive the information on the final pickup and by whom? Sometimes communication with Tesla tends to be confusing.

If you tell us, what happened when, we might be able to help you guess, at which stage of the order/delivery process you are and what to expect next.