Hi everyone,

I was wondering if some people have blogs and share their experiences in making roadtrips in Germany or Europe? (especially the ones making use of the Supercharger network)

I found the one which was very nice to read! Are there more of these :smiley:
It doesn’t matter if they are in German or English I can read both

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Missy27!
A warm welcome to this Forum. I beliebe the best way to get information for road tripping is to ask your questions right here. The vast majority of these enthusiasts speak ( and write) English very well!

Here is a nice video of a roadtrip from Norway to France:

The „tesla time“ car sharing project is collecting travel reports here:

Thank you all for the quick response :slight_smile: - Danke für die schnelle Antwort
I also tried in my best German to write a post on this subject in the German section.
All information and personal blogs are welcome.

Thank you again :smiley: