Roadster 424

Hallo zammä

I apologies if I’m doing something wrong, but my german is really bad, thus I prefer write this in english (i’m not trusting Google Translate when it’s too technical)

I own the Roadster #424 and I currently got problem with the transmission.

Someone in the Tesla Roadster Owner group on Facebook adviced me to contact mister Hopp aka @Talkredius so I came here. But I cannot PM him because I’m too new, so if he would agree to contact me in any way he can, I’d be very happy :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot and have a nice day :wink:

Vielen Dank und einen schönen Tag :slight_smile:

Edit : picture of the car :wink:

Hello Rolf,

welcome to the forum! I contacted Talkredius on your behalf. Where does your Roadster live?

Good morning Volker

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: I live in a small village east of France, named „Kembs“ and located conveniently near the Swiss and German border :slight_smile: I can speak a bit of german but I’m really lame at writing it :frowning:

I’m currently having noise coming from my transmission box, you can follow the whole story here … ed.113947/

Basically, I want to have the transmission repaired and I seek any information about what’s inside. Someone on FB told me that mister Hopp mentionned that some people already did that in Germany, so it might be my chance :wink:

Have a nice day :wink:

@Rolf68 Nice Pic! Which of the three Roadster is yours? :wink:

As you are able to understand some German, you might want to have a look into this thread:

Good luck!


Hello @Mathie. I dont’t want to brag, but the 3 roadsters on the picture belong to me :wink:

Thanks for the link, I’ll have a look immediately !!

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Edit : great thread, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Now I just need to get directly in touch with those people to know what’s inside the transmission and how to make the same thing safely. :sunglasses:

Hi Rolf68,

welcome aboard - nice three roadsters you have - if you need a drive-chain for the middle one please check f.ex. at „Conrad-Electronic“ :wink:

b.t.w. wich one of the three is compatible with that SuperCharger in the back ?

Hello @warden_clyffe :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome. I don’t have the remote control for the RC roadster, the previous owner lost it so it just stand as decoration in my living room.

None of them are superchargeable, it’s just a nice place not far from my village and I thought it would do a nice picture :wink:

have a nice day :slight_smile:

I sent you a PM with my email adress

SEW Eurodrive, the company I’m working can do the repair of the gearbox/motor unit. We 've done it 5 times in the past.

But we are not a car repairshop so there are some restrictions :

We’ll do not dismount or mount the gearbox/motor from the car.
we’ll open the gearbox and motor and replace all bearings and sealings, but we could give you no warranty that after the replacements the noise will be gone, e.g it is very difficult to determine the source of noise.

So I recommend the following proceeding :

a) Go to your Tesla Service Center and let Tesla check the source of the noise, they may have to dismount
the gearbox/motor unit to check if it comes from the gearbox/motor unit

b) If Tesla thinks it is the gearbox/motor unit is the source of noise send it to us (details via email)

c) before we start we’ll check if the unit is noisy, we have a test device for this

d) If the check confirms the noise we 'll replace the bearings and sealings

e) after checking again, that the noise as vanished we send the unit back to Tesla

I have a refurbished gearbox/motor unit „in stock“ so there is the option to get this for saving time

Hello mister @Talkredius and thanks a lot for the answer. I didn’t see earlier that you replied here, I just had a message that you sent me a PM.

It’s interesting that you have a replacement unit in stock… Where is it located? Would it be possible to get it and replace the one in my car the time you make the repair, and then switch them again? (I suppose that’s what you’re thinking about „saving time“) My mechanical friend is skilled enough to dismount and replace the gear/motor unit, but he’s uncomfortable about replacing the gears inside, as it’s „terra incognita“ for him.

I wrote an email to Tesla Stuttgart to know if they would agree to dismount the unit ans send it to you, but have had no reply so far. The advantage is that I can reach this service center with the car, otherwise I would have to send it on a plate and that would add to the costs.

I usually go to the Swiss Tesla service center in Basel-Möhlin but I’m not sure they would be adventurous enough to make that. I’ll give a try with them if I got no response from Stuttgart.

I send you an email to you adress on thursday, but maybe the content is now old as I didn’t know about your „spare“ drive unit. If you think we can make a temporary exchange let me know :slight_smile:

Best regards from France