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New York sues oil companies about climate change

What you think about that?

Very interesting law suit from New York and the responsibility about climate change.


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Is this still the english section or changed it the other way round?

Sorry. Didnt even know, that there is such a section.

If this idea catches on, we will almost inevitably see impact on gas price which will make electric cars look even more attractive even to those parts of the population that couldn’t care less about climate change…

1.) Great news! They’re right to sue the corporations. Wish other other cities over the world, or states will follow this and sue all the companies with cruel environmental impact (f.i. Monsanto/Bayer, GM, Nestle, …).

2.) How possible might it be, to get this through? I mean: Think of how big the fossil lobby is? In Germany i wouldn’t see any chance suing for example VW. So is there a real chance in the US?

(Why are we even having an English section on a German platform?)

Looks like everybody should pay his fare share.

Oakland and San Francisco started it last year. Its getting bigger :slight_smile: … sing-seas/


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Thx for the explanation.

Nice move.