My thoughts about range, CAC and battery degradation

On twitter I was asked by Dennis Pascual (@dennis_p] about my thoughts about battery degradation on my Tesla Roadster.
It was in a debate started by Kevin Sharpe (@IronMillTech), who is constantly complainig about range loss of his Tesla Roadster … etrol.3725

Because Twitter don’t allow longer statements here is my answer :
If anyone want to answer me here and can’t or won’t register here, send me your post via email ([email protected]) and I will put it in here.

Values of my Tesla Roadster 10.01.2015 15:30 :

CAC 113.79
IR 216 km in standard charge mode (OVMS says 95 % loaded, perhaps I have to do some balancing)
Odometer 219390 km

I don’t believe anymore in a CAC which is as the name says a calculated value. Ihmo the only way of determining battery degradation would be to drive the car with a balanced battery until empty always under nearly same conditions and compare each drive over time.
End of 2012 I noticed an always lowest brick too. I asked Tesla Service if I had to worry about or if we should replace a sheet as precaution, (I would have paid for it) They checked, said everything is fine and I believed them and just ignored this logfile message.

And swwmo (my wife) and me are still ignoring this messages for more than 2 years now and we are enjoying driving the Tesla Roadster very much. :smiley:

@Kevin Sharpe

I would call you a Teslanaut, a person who is able to drive a Tesla Roadster even in winter over a long distance, ignoring the cold air coming out of the door handles and other parts of the Tesla Roadster :mrgreen: It was real fun to drive with you to Zurich and taking the Road to Geneva in 2012

But it looks to me that your grudge with Tesla has changed you and so I don’t regret the harsh words follwowing now :

For me Tesla is the only car company which takes the emoblity seriously in all aspects.
Try to drive with one of your now promoted cars from Hamburg to Munic, I wish you very, very much patient and luck with that, you 'll need it.
With a Tesla Model S and even with a Tesla Roadster this is boring normal.

I’m not an independent gentleman, I have to rely on my Model S doing my business, I might rethink my opinion, when an other car company comes up with a competitive solution in all aspects, car, range + charging stations, but until then I’ll stick with Tesla, even have to if I a want to drive seriously electric.

All your comments relating to Tesla are now Anti-Tesla comments, If you think you have to return to a gas car, because your Tesla Roadster has not enough range then you are disappointing me, this argument is just ridiculous, just your personal grudge with Tesla.

Make me a reasonable offer for your Tesla Roadster, if I find someone to change it to lefthand driving I might consider to buy it and release you from this burden.
If you think you have to take this road, go ahead, I won’t follow.