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MPP Meetup Nordschleife Oct 3

Hello fellow TTF members! It is nice to meet you all. I wanted to invite any Tesla owners to come to the Nordschliefe Oct 3rd for some tourist drives. We will be visiting from Canada and would love to meet any of you that are passionate about going fast with your Tesla’s!

We can arrange a time, but we plan to be there all day and would be happy to meetup.

If you haven’t been to the nordschliefe before, we would be happy to share some of our experience on how have a fun, safe time around one of the most amazing tracks in the world!

I thought I would post this here as it is the top Tesla community in the country! We’re looking forward to visiting!

German Translation thanks to Google:

Hallo liebe TTF-Mitglieder! Es ist schön, Sie alle zu treffen. Ich wollte alle Tesla-Besitzer einladen, am 3. Oktober für einige Touristenfahrten in die Nordschliefe zu kommen. Wir werden aus Kanada zu Besuch kommen und würden uns freuen, jeden von Ihnen zu treffen, der leidenschaftlich daran interessiert ist, mit Ihrem Tesla schnell zu fahren!

Wir können einen Termin vereinbaren, aber wir planen, den ganzen Tag dort zu sein und würden uns freuen, uns zu treffen.

Wenn Sie noch nie in der Nordschliefe waren, würden wir uns freuen, einige unserer Erfahrungen darüber zu teilen, wie Sie eine unterhaltsame und sichere Zeit auf einer der schönsten Strecken der Welt verbringen können!

Ich dachte, ich würde das hier posten, da es die Top-Tesla-Community des Landes ist! Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!

Sasha Anis
Mountain Pass Performance

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Hi Sasha,
Since we live nearby, if the weather is right, we would come and have a look. I don’t like driving the Nordschleife. There is so little space.

Where are you exactly?
Entrance to the Nordschleife, at the SuC, on one of the parking lots or on the boulevard?


Great idea.
I don’t know if I can manage it to attend, but I am definitely interested.

For all of us who have not much experience on the Nordschleife, I have made a video clip of two laps with some hints:

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Awesome video! It’s cool how you know so much about the entire circuit :slight_smile:

The best place to meet would be at the Tourist parking lot entering the track, but I am sure it will be busy so most likely if there are more than a couple of us it would be best to meet elsewhere.

I’m fully open to suggestions, as we have only been there one time!

We’re very much looking forward to meeting you all, and perhaps we can arrange to have a few Model 3’s together around a lap at the same time! That would be great!

Here is a video from the last time we were there. It wasn’t in a Model 3 unfortunately, but in an M3!


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