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Modell 3 and you are driving it

Hi guys,

to everybody how will have the delivery for there Model 3 in a short run. Enjoy it you get the best car produced right now and in the history of more than 100 years of automotive industries.

In 2019 you can tell to your children’s and your friends that you drive the future. :smiley:
The same thing we had to explain in the past what it means to drive a Tesla. Please go on a road trip. If something is going wrong call the help line. Normally they should help you to come to your destination. :stuck_out_tongue:

You will drive the future and I or we can tell that is right. When we go back in history or presents right now is that Volkswagen like to sue Bosch for the mistakes what they did in the past to get money out from there wrong thinking. They have to pay consumers for the defend devise they ordered, to could sell the green Diesel. As it will be written in the history books, it will be a wrong decision.

The other thing is do you still hear from Mobileye? That was the former Autopilot company that sad we know what we are doing and we will bring the Autopilot solution to the marked. Tesla is light years ahead of what we last heard from Intel/Mobileye. :smiley: :wink:

Have real fun with the new technology. You made the step forward in this world and to make this world better.