Model X Anhängerkupplung nachrüsten

Hello, yes this works throughout the EU, as the paper is issued directly by the manufacturer Tesla in Fremont to your chassis number. I can also send you my papers from Fremont, via private message, so you can ask at the registration office.

Thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:

If you can send them that would be great! I tried sending private message to you but I guess I’m not yet allowed because I’m a new member.

Already planning my summer trip to Austria. :smiley:

Die maximale Stützlast ist 90kg? Dachte mir das es 54 kg war fur den Model X.

nein bei mir steht 90 Kg drauf, ist auch so original von Tesla gekommen

Danke Lusi, 2 Ebikes or 3 Fahrrader geht dann einfach.

There is some contradiction between 54kg and 90kg in the official owners manual: (german version linked)

Basically it says 54kg max for the bike rack, but 90kg allowed tongue weight when towing? That makes no sense really.

Also there’s a tongue weight MINIMUM of 4% from total trailer weight. If maximum trailer weight is 2250kg, 4% is exactly 90kg. So you have zero tolerance there, have to match 90kg within ±0kg. :slight_smile:

@Lusi did you find the papers? :slight_smile: I’d like to get a confirmation from my registation office before scheduling the service.

It does. With a trailer you get a force straight down on the hitch, so 90kg is fine. But with a bike rack the bikes are not directly on top of the hitch, but further back. This adds a significant rotating force, therefore 54kg is the maximum for a bike rack.


kannst du mir bitte sagen wo genau in München Du bei deinem Model X die AHK hast nachrüsten lassen undwas sollte ich beachten? Lebe im Kanton SG und sollte nur 2 Bikes auf der AHK transportieren.

Grüsse Mike

Just returned from our summer holiday road trip to Germany, Austria and Czech. :slight_smile:

I now have a tow hitch in my X, successfully approved by local authorities here in Finland. :smiley:

Thanks @Lusi for the information!

Moin @Lusi, was hat der ganze Spaß am Ende gekostet? Einbau, TÜV, Zulassungsstelle, …

Moin, ca. 1.450€

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