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Model S without home Charger!! Supercharger FREE

Hello Everyone

I just got my new S LR super excited about the car.
I have a question: Until Feb-March/2020 I cannot have my charger installed!
Can any one tell me how and where to charge the car so I can save batteries? I have supercharger Free that comes with this car.

Can someone tell me what is the difference between Supercharger and home charger or any other chargers in the city?

I live in Switzerland.


Hi do you have a normal Outlet in your Garage/Carport at home? Because you can also charge your Tesla at a regular 230V Power Outlet with the Universal Mobil Connector delivered with the car.

If not you can use public charging stations as well. A Type 2 cable will be delivered with the Tesla. There are two types of public chargers. DC or AC Charing Stations (or Stations that have both). The cable of an AC Charger can be connected to the charge port of the Model S, whereas the DC Cable is only usable with the CCS Adapter which also comes with your Model S.

Superchargers are DC fast chargers like public DC Chargers, except that only Teslas can use them.

Be aware that for public stations you need a APP (like … ngau&hl=de) or a RFID card for payment. CreditCard payment is not possible in 99%.

Hello Thanks a loot for you reply.

Now I don’t have any option to charge at home!! I can have a supercharger near my work I can go there any time.
I wanted to know is that bad for my batteries to use only Fast DC Superchargers for a 6 months. I make each working days 150km. approx 750 km week.!!

Or you you prefer to charge also with AC in other chargers (that I need to pay).


Wouldn’t be too concerned supercharging exclusively for some months. I have come across Taxis that did 515.000 kms mostly supercharging on their first battery… Keep it between 20 and 80% and you will be fine.

That depends. The 75, 90 and 100 pack gets reduced in charging speed after ~10000 kWh of DC charging

Is that so? Thought the 85 packs are the ones that get reduced. Is there a reliable source for that?

You mention 10 MWh - This would be already after about 45000km of exclusive DC charging.

Here is the thread with an american Tesla Owner (90D) that gets reduced because of high usage of DC Charging (not even fast).

In this forum we also have a number of people that are affected

And here Björn Nyland:

The 100D pack is not confirmed. But I think it will also be affected.
The 75 kWh and 90 kWh pack are reduced to a peak charging rate of 1.2C. If 100 packs are also affected with the same 1.2 C peak rate they would still get around 120 kW. Since a few weeks the 100D is able to charge more then 118 kWh. Thus we might have an answer to that in the near future.