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Model 3 zum Verkauf verfügbar im Februar/Marz


I have a Model 3 coming (hoffentlich!) in February - with 500 km range and expect to configure it in coming weeks - it’s available for any buyer who would like to have it ahead of everyone else. Pls visit and leave questions there or here. I hope to reach German customers in time (to moderator - pls do let me know if I do this correctly). This is no scam - we can exchnage any relevant info (like reservation number, then VIN etc) and discuss how to arrange the whole process of buying and delivery. You can find an agent or friend in USA, or just come here in person at any point (purchase/delivery) or use some escrow service.

Pls ask questions on the website or here!


Hi Alset,

it could be an interesting offer, if only the US charging port was compatible with the superchargers and public chargers here in the EU (Typ 2 plugs).
So the car would be more or less useless here atm.



I assume it will be U.S. spec Model 3? Please be aware that Tesla doesn’t honor warranty outside original market. Further, we have different charging port in Europe. Model 3 from U.S. cannot use supercharger here.

Danke schoen for notes! Yes, it’s US spec, but this cable ( … ging-cable) should work. Then that would be better option than a home charger I guess. I will doublecheck with Tesla on warranties and/or owners of US Tesla cars abroad

The cable shown allows a US Tesla to be charged on a EU station that has a Type2 outlet. So it will not work on EU superchargers or on EU stations that have their own cable or on EU stations that have an outlet other than Type2. Furthermore, it has only one phase, so on an 11kW station, it will only charge with 3.7 kW.

CHAdeMO Adapter works also with Model 3 ?

Not the one you can buy here in Europe because it has a Typ 2-shaped plug. If there is a CHAdeMO-Adapter that you can buy in the US and that works with Model 3 there, then it should work here, too.

This is Type 2 adapter … dapter-32a (with picture)

Also: "This adapter has a modified type 2 male connector on the infrastructure side and an original new Tesla US connector on the vehicle side. This cable can be used for all US version Tesla cars wanting to connect to a charging station that has a fixed Type 2 cable, including the Tesla Destination Chargers found all over Europe.

The adapter allows 32A current, which represents a charging capacity of 7.6 kW." - Same for the cable.

As for CHAdeMO adapter: … 36392-10-D
But it seems Tesla has yet to implement CHAdeMO charging in its software. It’s included in the price (site updated)

According to the website, the adapter is for Model S and X only. Is there any announcement on future compatibility of the Model 3 with this adapter?


Ganz genau for now only for S and X. Model 3 support is expected to be implemented in its software. Model3sale site is updated with cables info.

Model 3 without Supercharger? I wouldn’t pay more than $10’000 (including delivery).
It’s useless for distant driving.