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Mehr Roadster Bilder

This low mileage (under 5K) Tesla Roadster came in dead, bricked, as so many we receive each month.

Caught early, log file, service plug pulled, rapid transport which we coordinate, immediate life support upon arrival, and these Roadster revive, resuscitate, and are back on the road.

This one required a sheet repair, and 4 sheet rivet replacements.

This rare color extraordinarily well preserved Roadster even seems to sport a new car odor inside the cabin.

Next is a PEM rebuild, PPF application, ceramic coating to an already stunning well preserved over the top Roadster.



13 „Gefällt mir“

Fantastic photos. Seen your youtube videos and I can only wish that you would open shop in Germany (Hamburg is beautiful :wink: ).

The time is coming for advanced repairs in other Tesla models as well and not only in the US.

Keep up the good job and the videos coming.

Greetings from Germany

Even though my heart is in Bayern, I find all of Deutschland beautiful, and Hamburg is one of my favorite cities.

Whenever there is a vacuum, it is eventually filled. There are many knowledgeable independent Tesla service capabilities emerging in Europe, and demand drives this type of innovation.

Our company needs to do a better job of collaborating and sharing our processes with these companies.

Two cool videos are in the works - An experimental drive train Roadster that somehow escaped and Tesla tried to retrieve it, and a really crazy stunt coming up with our supporting a customer who will drive his plaid Model S through a 12 foot trench filled with water to prove Teslas can be submarines.

Subscribe to our channel to get notified when these come out.


3 „Gefällt mir“

…and 4 sheet rivet replacements

Pete, while having the ESS disassambled - why didn’t you redo the rivets of all 11 sheets ?