How to get a wall charger (in english)?

Hey – sorry for the english post, I can’t speak German.

I’m going to Stuttgart for a few days, and I was wondering if I could just walk in to the Tesla store or service center and purchase a gen 3 wall charger (the one for 530 eur)? I tried to ask them several times, but they don’t answer the phone or reply to my e-mails, so I hoped you guys know how this works.

(Context: I live in Hungary and I’m waiting for my Model 3 delivery in September. but Tesla does not sell accessories in Hungary. Tried to order from the Austrian and German online shop, but they doesn’t deliver abroad.)

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In case you didn’t know: You can use any typ of wall charger. Doesn’t have to be from Tesla.

Good evening @szilagyitom !

As far as I know you cannot buy it directly in the Tesla Store(that’s what the lady from the Vienna Delivery Center told me) but you need to order, get it shipped to your home.

Again, that’s what she told me because I wanted to order some accessories and take them over at the same time I would take over my car. She said this is not possible. So order, ship home.

That’s the info I got here.

I would suggest as well to order a wall charger from an online shop. Does not need to be from Tesla.

Thank your for the tip! I did some research earlier and this seemed like the best value for the price. I like the products of Wallbox or Mennekes but those are way more expensive.

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Hey Kris, thank you for the answer!

Well, this is what I was afraid of. Don’t really understand this policy though. We don’t have Tesla online store in Hungary, only some shady third party merchants. I guess I have to ship it to my austrian friends home.

yep, that should work. Shipping should be fast, within 3 days typically.

Depending on the duration of your stay in Stuttgart, you can ship it to me and pick it up at my place…

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I walked into the Tesla service center here in Hannover 2 weeks ago and ordered a TWC3 for a person without a Tesla.
No problem. But no delivery.
Maybe they have some in stock in your SC.

Hi @szilagyitom and welcome!

Go to the app, order the TWC 3, have it delivered to the Tesla store in Stuttgart, and pick it up from there - that should work.

And don’t make the error of buying some other type, the TWC 3 is the best value for money around.

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Hey guys, thank you so much for all the tips and help!

I spend only a couple of days here, and delivery would take at least 3-4 business days, so that wouldn’t work for me. Maybe tomorrow I roll the dice and stop by at the Stuttgart and Munich locations. I hope sooner or later Tesla will open an online store in Hungary as well.

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