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Greenpeace sues Norway

Greenpeace sues Norway over Arctic oil drilling … tion-plans

Do we have to get into this, when we know we don’t need that much oil in the future? What is your opinion on this?
Investments in new fields are extremely expansive, payback time are unknown due to electrification in our daily life. Like Tesla or any other car manufacturer will do latest 2020 :wink:

What I understand right now, that the oil companies in Norway are on hold, because they don’t know what will be the outcome. Good engineers are let go, seeking other opportunities and that could be gold in all industries in Germany, if you know :nerd:

The future is electric!


At the moment the electrification of traffic only takes place in the Western World and China (+maybe India) - but that’s obviously not enough to compensate the growing ice sales in other countries - here are the latest + histroic demand and supply figures. … Demand.jpg

To have an effect on oil consumption the sales of ice cars have to fall or at least stall - but on a global level the electric cars are just additional sales to growing sales of ice cars.

The situation today is 1 trillion ice cars + ~ 50 Mio electric cars?
in 2030 there will be maybe 1.5 trillion ice cars and maybe 250 Mio electric cars…

It goes faster than you think. 2030 is far away in your prediction. What will happen in these years?

What we can’t imagine what will happen in the next 10 years. When we look back in the last 10 years and so much has happened. Look at the smart phone, Kodak, Nokia.

We don’t need that much oil anymore. In a big scale it is important for plastic and other solid products we don’t burn that we can recycle and use again, today and in the future. Many products from oil right now are burned and blown into the air and a big part you can fish out from the sea.

It is time to think different :wink:

W … table1.JPG

We are now at ~ 1.2 billon cars on the roads worldwide - in 2030 there will be about .5 billions more of them - an increase of ~ 300 million in 13 years.

And that means just to keep the oil demand of passenger cars at the 2017 level(!) we need ~ 23 million electric cars each year replacing ice cars (as a linear average). Though this is possible that is a really high goal.

At the moment quite the opposite is happening - I’ve just seen the latest oil demand figures of the IEA for 2nd half of 17
oil demand is growing even faster than in the last years - IEA reports 2.4 mbd plus in real figures :open_mouth:

Just to have another view of the situation:

The oil demand is not only growing due to ice cars. It is also about consumer products using oil to produce cosmetics, plastics and many other things we use all in our daily life.

Global population is growing, industrialisation is coming all around the Developing countries…

I think that akoehler is still using his Exel-Sheets in the same way as a very prominent user here from Wolfsburg. Time is changing and you should also put some unforeseen parameters into your conclusion.

2030 will look totally different in China, India where they have right now electro scooter on the roads, more than you think. And also this Nations will also like to life in an normal environment, that will not kill me or my family. At this time transport will be electric. Its maybe not the best solution but its right, right now.