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Go, Tesla go!

The future of Tesla should be written, right now.

After last Q3 and the future coming up Q’s it should be a easy piece of cake for Tesla to survive. Most of the infrastructure is built in the States, Europe and Asia is coming for production, copy paste as a blue print. And also make it better because you learn from your mistakes in the past.

The next development for Supercharger upgrade will be a side effect. Adapting CCS in Europe etc. For the GF3 in Asia every investor should be willing with ease to invest.

The future looks bright for the company and that makes me happy, because it will also make our living more comfortable.

It is great to see young people analyze and understand the world what we life in right now and also like to change it. If you like, make some time to watch the following video. It looks like there are no short sellers or other institutions with an intention behind.

Should be great to hear from you what you think. What is it about Space X and Internet that will be available around the world soon. Please EM drop every ten kilometers two solar panels in Africa and Asia so that everyone has the chance to be connected :stuck_out_tongue: