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Erouting and HPCs in Belgium / England


I have been trying to track down the status of Roadster HPCs in Belgium. I came across the site and see it has several listed in Belgium that I didn’t know about but also some more in England that I didn’t know about.

I would like to check if these are real.

I applied for an account on Erouting but it has not been approved after several days. Who is looking after this site?

Unfortunately you have to be registered to get the data. Perhaps someone else here has an account and can help?



We have only two HPCs in Belgium on [urlfollow=]supercharge-me[/urlfollow].

When you check the status of other HPCs please add the Information to supercharge-me.

Hi David,

welcome to TFF!

Volker (VolkerP at TMC)

Edit: Open Charge Map lists 3 HPC locations in Belgium: Antwerp, Brussels, and Jambes.

Hi all - I finally decided to make an account here :slight_smile:

Yes it was me adding them to At the moment I know that the Bruges exists because I used it this month, and I have positive confirmation that the Brussels service centre will let customers charge their Roadsters there.

The ones on OCM are at Total petrol stations. I am suspicious that they are all not working. OCM claims that the Antwerp site has/had an HPC but there is not one in the picture! I have written to Total Belgium to get the latest information, but I will not hold my breath.

Erouting shows 2 other HPC locations in Belgium which are not on OCM. One is at Overijse and another in Antwerp. They look like they are in residential streets, so could be private owners. This is what I cannot see without an account there, so if anyone can help I would be grateful.



Well, they say if you want a job done properly, do it yourself. So I jumped into my Roadster and drove to Brussels.

First stop was the Brussels service centre where I received a warm welcome. I fully charged the car, picked up a friend who lives nearby and we set off to Cambre

Good news: Apart from the fact that this one was left as a rain catcher and the plug had slightly oxidised, it works! The HPC showed an error and a red ring on the car, but after we cleaned it out a bit more it charged ok at 60 Amps. That’s €4 per 20 minutes for the HPC, of which we wasted €1 getting it working, but it should be ok now. Take some WD40 if you go there.

Next we rushed down to Jambes as we were getting close to their 8 pm closing time.

When we got there, we found a VW bocking the charger, but I stretched the cable across - only to then find a message on the screen saying „Emergency Stop“. Trying to reset the emergency stop button doesn’t cancel this.

We went into the kiosk and asked about it. They said that the charger has been like that for 6 or more months. An SGTE technician has been out to fix it several times and cannot make it work. This is frustrating, because I bet the Clipper Creek HPC is working fine, but it is turned on by the PIN pad mechanism on the super complicated CHAdeMO machine.

This location is really useful as it bridges the gap between Brussels and Saarbrucken. It would be great if others can contact Total or the garage itself (which I think is a family run operation) on 081 30 29 87 and let them know that we would like this fixed.

By the way, I never did hear anything from Total Belgium Customer Services.

Just an update on this thread: Those large CHAdeMO units with the Roadster HPCs attached to them have been replaced with modern triple-head rapid chargers (CHAdeMO / CCS / AC) and the Roadster units are gone. Probably destroyed somewhere…