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Elon and Barack save Amerika

Two things was coming together today,

first the interview with Elon about AI that will happen sooner that you think and the second, Barack Obama with his speech to the Nation. Anyway the first speech to the Nation since two years, with clear words :sunglasses: … l-s-p100d/

Please take your time. Videos take a lot of time but worth to look at it.


Hat Obama noch was zu sagen in den USA?

Sorry, disqualified with your answer :sunglasses:


Obama durfte ja nach 2 Amtsperioden nicht mehr als US-Präsident antreten. Wenn er zur Wahl als Bundeskanzler antreten würde - meine Stimme hätte er.



Das sind ja zwei die viele Versprechungen gemacht haben… wobei, Elon hat ja einiges ganz famos hinbekommen (SpaceX). Von dem anderen halte ich gar nix.

I haven’t listened to all of Obama’s speech, just a few quotes in the media. Is there any reference to Tesla or e-mobility in a broader sense?

If so, what is his stance on that topic? If not I don’t see the point in discussing his speech here.

Best Mathie

Hi Mathie,

thanks for your replay. Maybe it is an missed opportunity that you didn’t listen to it in full. What I understand you are also in local politics in Germany. Please correct me if I am totally wrong.

For me the connection was or is that two interviews at the same day should have a deeper impact for America. First Elon straight how he is and also Barack straight how he is. Both should have an impact for Tesla. The speech is giving hope for the people in a way Elon was taking about AI. Everything is open… It only should be a reminder for all of us how fast it can change. So for this please let it stand how it is. It will be for everybody something to take away. Do not close down this opportunity of free thinking.