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Designing the future charging model


if you were able to design the future charging system for Tesla, what would it look like?
Home charging with a option like Airbnb to charge at foreign homes?
Super charger spread all over the country?
Battery Swapping?
Bigger batteries, so charging goes down to once a week?

Just be completely free in your thoughts and just design it, or drop your biggest pain points on using your Tesla today :slight_smile:

Bigger battery without more weight => higer Energy density

CSS Adapter

up to 43 kW AC Charger (as option)

more supercharger which can’t be ICEd + Cafe + Toilets + beautiful view + deck chair

for holidays :

train + carsharing combination :

pick up service from home driving directly on the extra large platform
suitcases are automatically stored in the train

at the destination rented Tesla EV is already waiting on the platform.