Design des Tesla-Batteriesystems

Dieses Video erhebt nicht die Behauptung, dass Brände in Elektrofahrzeugen häufiger vorkommen als in ICE-Fahrzeugen.

Ich weise darauf hin, dass frühe Tesla-Batteriedesigner vermuten, dass bei den neuen EV-Autos nicht genug Technik in die Sicherheit geht.

Electric Vehicles bursting into flames has ominous implications, and alarmingly seems to be on the uptick.

The growing consensus with early design staff involved in the first generation Tesla vehicles, is that the newly emerging EV producers,
like GM and Porsche, are experiencing battery fires, because they did not pay enough attention to battery management design.

The first generation ever mass cell Li-Ion battery pack in a car, is the 1000 lb Tesla Roadster battery pack, has been described as the most coddled battery pack ever. The design engineers of this revolutionary battery pack were pioneers, and freely admit an enormous amount of research and trial and error went into the pack before it was released in the Roadster.

Is it possible, the mad dash rush to keep up with Tesla’s EV adoption lead may be responsible for half-baked designs in the most critical component of an EV?

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Viele der Autos die überdurchschnittlich brandgefährlich sind, haben anders als Tesla prismatische statt zylindrische Zellen.

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@gru, thanks for the insights into battery design!

I wonder whether there are that many battery fires involving Porsches. I have heard of only very few. Do you have more information on this besides the article on Teslarati which claims, there have been about 360 fires, which have been covered up, which I find very hard to believe, given the fact, that every battery fire seems to be big news.

Best Mathie

Thanks for the video, @gru and for the interesting insights.

Please correct your units, though. See also:

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