Delivery of "Midnight Cherry Red" or "Quicksilver"

Sorry to write in English, but it’s better than to make mistakes in German language and no one will understand you :slight_smile:
Who knows the status of new colors? When it should be delivered to first customers?
When we will see colors in real life?
Who ordered a new color and what is your expected delivery date?
Is anyone has update on their order?

Personally, I’ve ordered a „Midnight Cherry Red“ but a bit scared about the real life color. If it’s not worth to wait would like to change on something that could be delivered this year :slight_smile:

Please see here:

Look at the configuration of Swotzerland. There you can see the approx date of manufacturing, cause Switzerland will receive the first ones

Personally, I do not believe that production starts only in May as suggested by the Swiss site.

From all the hype about “the biggest wave ever”, it is possible to roughly conclude that the majority of backlog in Europe for MYP and MYLR will be handled by the end of Q4.

TroyTeslike shows a backlog for Europe (not GF4, but Europe) of about 85k… There are 15 ships and maybe 11 full weeks of production in GH. That’s about 60k + 22k = 82k autos for Q4… Why in the world would GF keep producing black and white and maybe a few QS until May? They will bring the new colors online because they’ll not have enough black and white autos on order in backlog.

My guess is they write May-June in Switzerland as delivery window to keep people who switched from colors to white or black in the Q4 delivery wave. May-June is a long enough wait to convince someone to stay with a color they don’t want if they can get that (non)color sooner.

I bet they will start rolling off the line in Feb at the latest.

My original order from June was red/white with a delivery window of Jan 2023. With the intro of new colors, that jumps suddenly to May-June. A person who needs a car might change colors to get a car this year. A person who thinks, however, might realize they are doing everything possible to stack their deliveries for Q4.

I guess GF4 still needs to ramp up capacity during Q1 until they are able to produce more than just b/w…

When I do order it was stated „November - January“.
So, I would expect beginning of November deliveries to first customers, but seems it will take longer…

If you ordered within a few hours of the colors being available, then that was likely the planned delivery time. Mine also said January when the colors changed. And then the date disappeared all together. Again, I think the the entire black/white backlog in Europe will be cleared by end of the year…. Maybe “Kasse” will still be left, but those orders will surely be deprioritized for higher margin Ps with color.