Charging options in Germany for non-Germans

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No, there is no winner. But we have dozen of new cards, keys and telephone numbers to activate charging stations… every week. :slight_smile:

Until end of the year there will be a new charging solution to activate all Vattenfall and RWE stations in Germany without monthly basic fee.

Alternatives to the closed SuC in Hamburg are these AC 22kW stations near the Autobahn: … asse/3781/
There are free of charge and available 24/7.

My personal winner is TheNewMotion
They provide not the most stations, but good information

We use them too, good choice

my recommendation is plugsurfin which ccovers rwe vattenfall and others
rwe has the best distrbuted infrastructure

@Offsite-Tesla: Plugsurfing already covers Vattenfall ? I heard about these plans by End of 2014, but it is already working ?


Update: Beginning in November, it shall be possible to charge at RWE charging stations and pay by credit card or Paypal – no contract, no registration, no German bank account, no „premium SMS“ – just with the RWE „e-kWh“ smartphone app: … id=4011989

How to find free-of-charge stations in Germany’s very popular charging stations data base (> 6.000 stations):


Mobile Devices: unfortunately, the does not offer the ‚kostenlos‘ (= for free) filtering option. Thus, you might either use the desktop version first or look at the details of charging stations one by one. To find stations nearby, click ‚Ladesäulen am Standort‘. and its iOS/Android apps offer filters for „Freier Zugang“ (unrestricted access) as well as „Münzzahlung“ (coin operated).


The same is now true for all charging stations that feature the „intercharge“ sticker, including RWE in Germany and VLOTTE in Österreich:

Sorry, my understanding is different. Many stations have an „intercharge“ sticker, but what is needed here is a special „intercharge direct“ sticker. For the moment, this is available only at VLOTTE, but I hope, many more will use this in future. It is exactly what we want.

I’m afraid you’re right. Watch out for the correct sticker! :confused: