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Battery Charge after buying a Tesla

Hey guys!

I am interested in buying a Tesla, but there are still some questions that are unanswered.

  1. With what battery Charge will I pick up the Tesla? When I bought a Petrol car, the tank was filled roughly above the reserve, how is it with the Tesla?
  2. Is there an Option if I buy the Tesla that they will either leave it production with the current charge or charge it for me? If yes that they will Charge it for me, how much will it cost?

Thanks for the answers in advanced!

Have a good start into the day!

Best regards


Simple. Every Tesla car that leaves the service center, be it new or just „in service“, is fully charged for free. Welcome to Tesla! :slight_smile:

…and charging in the service centers is typically free, as are the first 400 kWh = about 2000 km long distance charging at superchargers. Home charging costs whatever you pay for a kWh, all in 100km will consume about 25 kWh including charge losses, you can do the math.