Acceleration test MYP Berlin VS Model 3 LR AWD + Acc. Boost

This may be of interest for some. I tested my 2022 MYP from Berlin against my 2021 Model 3 AWD+. They accelerate near identical from 0-100 km/h. The MYP has a slight advance from start, but from around 80 km/h, the Model 3 with acceleration boost accelerates marginally better. Recorded with dashcam, so unfortunately no sound.
[Tesla Model Y Performance (Berlin 2022) VS Tesla Model 3 LR AWD w Acceleration Boost (Fremont 2021) - YouTube]

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Sehr aufschlussreich, vielen Dank für den Hinweis. Habe mich das schon länger gefragt wie viel dieser Unterschied bei den 0-100 Zeiten inkl. dem Rollout usw. wirklich ausmacht. Das sind nun einigermaßen stabile Fakten. Auch wenn man den SOC nicht kennt oder auch die Akkus die im M3 verbaut sind usw. Aber das sind sicher alles eher nuancen. Im Grundatz wird es sicherlich keine großen Unterschiede geben.

EDIT: Uh, forgot to write it in english, so here’s the quick deepl translation for you mate:

Very informative, thanks for the tip. Have wondered this for some time how much this difference in the 0-100 times incl. the rollout etc. really makes. These are now reasonably stable facts. Even if you don’t know the SOC or even the batteries that are installed in the M3 etc. But these are certainly all rather nuances. There will certainly not be any major differences in the basic rate.

cool thx. I would say that is what I expected. But for this big Elephant-on-dope a fantastic outcome. :grin:

Thanx. I’m sorry I don’t post in German on a German board, but my German language skills are weak. BTW, both cars was at 85- 90% SOC.

It would be interesting which to know which battery pack was installed in this 2021 M3LR as there are four versions and they are not all created equal…power wise :wink:

M3LR: 77 kWh Panasonic (for sure)
MYP: 82 kWh LG (I think)


  • Model Y Performance is easy → Y5LD → LG 79kWh Net.

M3LR 2021 can either be…

  • E3CD → Panasonic 75kWh Net.
  • E3LD → Panasonic 82kWh Net.
  • E5CD → LG 75kWh Net.
  • E5LD → LG 79kWh Net.

The Panasonic should be a little faster, due to less voltage drop under load.

Would be interesting how much time is lost due to the 21" wheels.
Another test with both on 20" would be interesting :wink: