85er V9 - Firmware 2019.12.1.1 oder davor - Erfahrungen

I guess we will have to pick our poison with these old 85s.
slow charging or buggy old software >_<

What is buggy?

From what i experience (I dont know if it happens to everyone, but it happened to me right after the downgrade → by the start up of the downgraded software. And was not the case when i had the old software version through normal update):

  1. Internet connection loss after crossing boarder.
    –after losing the internet data flow, the bluetooth music play will be interrupted from time to time, randomly but regularly
  2. The MCU goes to black screen very often. it does not go beyond 2 days without software reset. I almost never use spotify so it it not the issue that has been covered under this topic. I also had an emmc chip exchange
  3. From time to time the sound effects of the turn signal/fart game do not appear at the time when you press the button
  4. Some other small issues such as the displayed letters on the center console can appear be corrupted from time to time. the temperature readout sometimes appears to be „—“

I would still keep this downgraded software version because of the fast charging curve and better functioning AP1. but living with the bugs daily can some times be annoying.