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OVMS 3.0

von Thorsten » 14. Dez 2016, 12:27

Ich habe heute eine Email von Mark Webb-Johnson mit der Ankündigung eines neuen OVMS-Moduls bekommen. Klingt vielversprechend, vor allem die Firmware-Updates ohne flashen des Moduls wären sehr praktisch.

Mark Webb-Johnson hat geschrieben:A short update on OVMS.

We are working hard on OVMS v3. The development environment for the microcontroller we chose for v3 has finally stabilised to a point where we can rely on it. There will be a new revision of hardware silicon around the end of 2017Q1 and we'll most likely try to time the first production releases of OVMS v3 to use that as soon as it is available. But, the good news is that we have the production development environments available now, and the CAN driver (although early beta) is working well. All the components are finally in place and usable. This has caused us delays in our plans, but we are confident that our choice of microcontroller was the right one. This will give us a great platform for the future and most importantly allow us to keep costs down without being constrained by RAM/Flash memory storage (as was the case for the v2 PIC18 platform). Bluetooth and Wifi support are a bonus. Work on the firmware for OVMS v3 is ongoing, and we're hoping to release this to the open source team any day now. Some highlights of the coming features for OVMS v3 include:

• Use of the industry standard MQTT protocol, for easier third party integration (in particular to IOT and home automation systems)
• Event driven model for scripting events in the car (such as geofencing, homelink, charge settings, etc)
• 3G
• Wifi
• Bluetooth
• SD-CARD support
• Reduced power consumption, and low-power sleep modes
• Dramatically more RAM and FLASH memory, to overcome limits of PIC18 architecture used by OVMS v2
• Firmware updates via SD-CARD and USB, without any special programming tools
• Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates via wifi and/or 3G
• Expansion slot and port for extra functionality

In the meantime, we continue to support OVMS v2. The hardware is still available on fasttech site, but we are over half way through what we think will be the very last batch.

In other news, we have partnered with hologram.io to provide a cellular network for OVMS users (both v2 and v3). Early feedback from our users has been fantastic, and this is now running in a bunch of OVMS cars. Use of this is entirely optional, and the cost-effectiveness will depend on where you are in the world and what other cellular options you have. We're not forcing you to use Hologram; just making it easy for you to choose them if you want. OVMS v3 will come with hologram.io SIMs included as standard (but easily replaced if you choose not to use it). For OVMS v2 users in USA, with the imminent shutdown of the AT&T 2G network, we recommend Hologram.IO now. You can get SIMs from Hologram directly at https://hologram.io/store/, and Tom has penned an excellent write-up of how to switch to Hologram at https://www.idleloop.com/tesla/ovms/hologram.php.

Regards, Mark.
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Re: OVMS 3.0

von Sucseeker » 13. Jun 2017, 09:48


gibt es hier Neuigkeiten ? Weiß hier jemand etwas bezüglich dem 3.0er ?
Die Ankündigung liegt jetzt ein halbes Jahr zurück, ich möchte gerne das 3.0er OVMS in den Roadster einbauen.

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Re: OVMS 3.0

von Mar » 23. Jul 2017, 21:43

Bei Verfügbarkeit möchte ich auch gerne eines haben.
Wenn ich richtig gelesen habe sollte es 2017 Quartal 1 verfügbar sein.
Gab es vielleicht doch unvorhergesehene Schwierigkeiten? Weis jemand genaueres oder hat Kontakt zum Hersteller?
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